John Atencio

Unique fine art from Colorado's most renowned jewelry designer



The Art of "Places"

Art can be found in the places we visit. Art or expression can come in different forms, but in many cases you have to go find it. It is in our temples and churches, our natural resources, our means of transportation, and even in our own hearts as we explore and look for meaning.It is in the people we meet and in the relationships we hold dear. It is in laughter and tears, and in the strangest of places. However, it is there only if we are willing to experience and grow.

The challenge in art is to shape the light and expose the moment. It is there in all places if we truly picture it. To me, these are the happiest images - not because of their artistic expression, but because of their sense of exploration. In a physical sense, man has always wanted to go to the moon, in an emotional sense, man has been there.

So get happy, find and feel what is meant to be revealed, and explore through "Places" and the excitement of life. If you looked to Earth from the moon, how would you feel? If you drove a red scooter across the Golden Gate Bridge, how might the excitement touch the soul? How do the spires of DIA touch those that travel through it? All this and more is what "Places" mean to those that travel, excite, and explore! And to those that dare..."To the Moon and Back"!

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