John Atencio

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The Art of "Masks"

The art of "Masks" originally came from cards for cause. An invitation from Hospice of Metro Denver first opened the door for me to create cards exhibiting masks for awareness and financial support of an organization that lovingly cares for those dying. It opened the door for my inspiration to look within and find expression with art. It called on the "Mystery of Life" as dark and light. It then moved into jeweled stones called the "Path to Eternity", followed by "Angel of New Life", and finally, "Love is in the Air".

All seemed fitting in the beauty of the cause and the insightful course of emotions one has until his or her final breath has been taken. We all start the path crying as we come into life, and we leave with a trail of memories, tears, and emotions following to the end. Ironically, all steps in between lead to removing one's masks, revealing the truth or meaning of life.

I love for my art to afford others to pause, ponder, reveal, and inspire. I believe this collection begs for that attention. Interestingly enough, it wasn't until the last mask was designed that I found my own hidden meanings and revelations. It is like life - it holds all or most of its meaning only to the end. It is with special joy and excitement that I had delivered on a commitment and promise to this special and wonderful cause.

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