John Atencio

Unique fine art from Colorado's most renowned jewelry designer



The Art of "Hearts"

From the hand to the heart, albeit simple, the form of a red heart has many meanings and expressions. In its simplest form, this universal symbol depicts one of the most complicated emotions known to man. Designed to express feeling and emotions, these beautiful images have grown from a symbol for Valentine's Day and holiday cards, to an expression of complex feelings of one's state of mind and ability to love.

Wrapped in life's trials and experiences, the heart has the capacity to be expressed in many different and exciting ways, and the ability to give hidden meaning or treasures open for interpretation. My hearts and personal emotions are no different. They can morph like butterflies. They can transform from pain to pleasure. They can be the hearts that hold families or organizations together, or the hearts that break or die, leaving others to cling to each other. Only in time and in art do they show their true colors and magical meanings. I believe each will find its right place in all who explore, feel, and desire meaning. In the heart of my art is the true love of creation.

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