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The Art of "Hair"

For some time I have often thought about creating images or art about hair. Something so thoughtless and automatic like hair isn't so simple in art or life as one might think. Not that everyone focuses or worries about their hair all the time. Some don't have any hair or worries associated with it, but trust me, hair is a big deal to millions and millions of people! There are songs, stores, and salons about hair. There are hair people, hair schools, hair products, hair artists, and hair extensions. There is hair replacement and hair advertising. It goes on and on! I mean, we can even solve crimes because of hair samples. Relationships can make it or break it based on whether one's hair style or cut is liked. We have good hair days and bad hair days. Did I have the time to "do my hair"? Can I find the right products for this particular hair style?

Then there is this generation that's adopted the no-hair look. Michael Jordan created a whole new culture based on the fact that his lack of hair was "cool". Bald was a look and not having hair was a problem, but Mr. Jordan made his problem a solution and a culture. Families and heredity are now identified by this look of "hair not"!

Obviously, I focused my art of hair on people and the attitudes their hair can create. Extra long-necked beauties take hair and their disposition to a whole new level. All make or create their look with how their hair can "do" and "do" with attitude. Hairdos are layers, cuts, and styles supplemented by products and make up reflective of how this can make one feel. In the end, all this foolishness and creativity with fuss and muss, can make or break a date, a career, a day, a crime, a look, a career and even an image on the wall called the "Art of Hair".

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