John Atencio

Unique fine art from Colorado's most renowned jewelry designer



The Art of "Flight"

At first glance this art, in all simplicity, appears to be about the plane. A noun, an object, an extremely large compilation of metal parts designed for flight. How? One might ask the same question about "becoming" one's identity; of learning who we are, where we're going, and what makes us uniquely individual. The art you see isn't about the plane and its travel from point A to point B, but about feelings symbolic of flight; the experiences that allow us to 'take off' and become our unique selves.

Flight is about where you're going, how you get there, and what happens along the way. It's about morning flights, midday flights, and red-eyes. It's about missed flights, canceled flights, long flights, and short hops, too. It's about the miles and milestones, about being away and running away. There are good flights and bad ones. There are ones taken for business and success, but also for leisure and pleasure. Failure and disaster are not excluded in the experience. Flight is about weather, and whether I need to take an earlier flight home. It is about if I should even take the flight at all! We fly on jumbo jets, wide-bodies, and puddle-jumpers; in first class, coach class, and on jump seats. Is there a view? Where's the exit? Are there hundreds of seats or only a few?

Flights are not simple. They are complex and involved, providing experiences, surroundings, and values from fellow passengers and citizens from other nations which allow us to mold ourselves. Pleasant flights, expensive flights, those that are painfully long...all of these add to the engine inside the fuselage that is uniquely US. My "Flights" are art in motion, my "Flights" have complicated itineraries...maybe my "Flights" can help you.

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