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The Art of "Faith"

The Art of "Faith" started in Spring 2004 as I was reintroduced to the Church of the Holy Ghost. The church sits at the base of a skyscraper in downtown Denver, Colorado. On that memorable visit, something touched my soul and by the following year I became a regular. I didn't know at the time that I would begin traveling extensively, maintaining a consistent agenda in my travels for searching and discovering great places of worship, wonderful history, and magnificent architecture.

Cathedrals, churches, and temples touched my soul and gave me a wealth of understanding and knowledge; an understanding of the importance of religion, the history of man's compulsion for "faith", and the belief in a higher power. I gave thanks for not only having the opportunity to see these sacred places, but also to see man's vast needs and worship traditions. However, the four "Faith" representations are special to me and touched my heart and soul differently than others. They don't represent the most grand, but simply the most treasured.

At first glance, you realize the awesome and wonderful nature of the Church of the Holy Ghost. The way the sun manages to shed light on the cathedral, and how in the early morning at the base of the towering sky scraper always seems to touch and enlighten me.

The Coeur Basilica in Paris was built in the art-rich neighborhood of Montmartre. I was touched like no other place in the world by the sight of the huge mosaic inside the cathedral's dome. Making this even more inspiring was the lively area dominated by active artists and bistro restaurants just outside the cathedral.

The oldest mission in California is where the Chapel of St. Rafael resides. Its pink adobe skin shines brightly at the base of a hill in downtown San Rafael.

Last, but certainly not least, is Our Lady of the Sea. This beautiful location and place of worship has been a family favorite since my two wonderful boys were children. It has never changed and always seems a simple, yet beautiful niche. Like the Pacific Ocean, she's always there beckoning with open arms.

I have found tremendous art in faith and in all of its man-made structures. My hope is that whatever your belief or religion, you can appreciate the value and beauty of the architecture that remains in every culture and corner of the world, built solely for the connection with and belief in God.

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