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The Art of "Dreams"

I have never seen anyone do anything of significance or meaning without a powerful dream. So it is with the artist - the dream is where it all begins.  It is more important than skill or execution. It is what drives the idea from the soul to the hand, from the hand to the brush, from the brush to the canvas. At this point, it is not about success or failure because it all hinges on the idea and where the idea is the dream. Dreams are what drive us, broken dreams are what destroy us, and realized dreams are what satisfy us.

The dream of the "City by the Bay" began 30 years ago in the beginning of my career as an artist. I have returned religiously to San Francisco since that first dream started. The dream of a city, the fascination of its taste, charm, culture and art touches my soul and stokes my imagination. It is how and where dreams are born.

San Francisco possesses some of the most iconic structures ever built. Couple that with the God-given beauty of the city itself, and the rest is a playground for an artist's soul and creative mind. Structures like the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, and the Golden Gate Bridge bring emotion and meaning to the cities in which they reside. The Golden Gate Bridge has been touching people's hearts and minds since its completion in the early 1930's. I believe this single structure, its power, and my desire to be in the city in which it resides, has influenced my artistic hand more than any place on earth. It has emotionally touched me, artistically stimulated me, professionally excited me, and created a wealth of memories, knowledge, and joy. The bridge at dawn, the bridge at dusk, the bridge in the brightest of sunlight, encourages me to experience life and create beautiful art.

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