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The Art of "Cars"

Diamonds are to girls what cars are to boys. As the saying goes, "diamonds are a girl's best friend," and if it is so, then cars are like lovers to boys. You see, girls grow out of dolls, but boys will always be boys. Cars fill their hearts and imaginations for a lifetime.

If you are going to draw or paint a car, it is not going to be an SUV; it is not going to be a sedan, nor a hybrid or electric car. Truck art would make more sense than SUV art...come on get real, we're talking car art. The kind of car that makes valets tremble and reminds you of movies like Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Therefore, the subject of the car art is probably going to be red and it's probably going to go very fast.

Boys aren't the only ones that will be interested in this kind of art. Women will enjoy this kind of art as well. Women enjoy sitting in the front seat of a fast, sexy car almost as much as men do, so the art might as well be a Ferrari or a Lamborghini.

Looking down at the sleek lines of this kind of art made me want to drop the brush and go "start those engines". Both brands are Italian, both with a love for speed and a love for excitement. You see, these cars start with a love for engineering and a love of art! As it is with the wheel and the gear shift, it is with the pencil and the paintbrush, creating lines, creating curves, and creating a love of cars and art...the art of "Cars".

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