John Atencio

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The Art of "Bugs"

Bugs, those special creatures we loved as children. This collection represents just a few of the bugs with which we identified during those crazy days of summer. Depending on where you grew up in the world, different bugs feed your heart and create those cherished thoughts. You might have spent those glorious fantasy years with bugs that you caught, tortured, played with, put in cages and bottles, traded, waited to see if they multiplied, and basically just plain cherished. I tried to put this collection together with the ones we gathered wherever we lived, loved, and played. Butterflies, grasshoppers, dragonflies, and without a doubt, lady bugs (every child's favorite).

"Bugs" started like most collections, as one single idea or card. In this case, it was collaboration with a small business owner for a logo with which to start a new business. While the new business did materialize, this grasshopper logo was, unfortunately, not used.  "Head Grasshopper", however, did become a single John Atencio card, became a favorite of mine, and instantly was a hit for all who looked upon her.

"Head Grasshopper", though, was all alone in the world and needed some friends. That is when the idea of bug buddies came to reality. True to my art and my heart, as well as Mother Nature's plan, "Lucky Lady" (the lady bug), "Flying's a Drag" (the dragonfly), and "Time to Fly" (the butterfly)" appeared all at once to give "Head Grasshopper" the "air" necessary to get her up emotionally, and ultimately flying with the happiness she deserved.

Whatever your story, whatever the recollection, and whichever bug you might cherish, all provide the color, joy, and memories with that special sense of you or your children at play. Enjoy these special John Atencio bugs.

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