John Atencio

Unique fine art from Colorado's most renowned jewelry designer



The Art of "Beaches"

Let's see...there's beach life, beach dress, beach toys, beach time, beach about a little beach art? Aaaah the life of leisure, pleasure, and ultimate relaxation! This art is not about stimulating the eyes as much as it is about stimulating the heart and mind. You know, those wonderful memories of time well-spent on the beach.

A relationship with the beach is a true love affair, so those in orbit with life's stresses can come back to earth and soft-land on the sand. It is the east coast, west coast, south beach, north beach, La Jolla beach, or simply the beach around the island. It is where we humans go to heal, unwind, rewind, sunbathe, play, recharge, discharge, surf, exercise, celebrate, inhabit, or just take a break and have some fun. It is where we look within, ponder, or please ourselves with the notion of what life would be like just living on the beach and being a beach bum.  It is where the senses of smell, touch, sound, and taste live in perfect harmony with sight. There's so much creation, one can never feel alone.  Air is always thick and time is always thin. It is where every moment could be a picture, but every picture never really captures the moment. It is where life above ground meets life under water, and where even art can be said to be relaxed!'s a beach!

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