John Atencio

Unique fine art from Colorado's most renowned jewelry designer



The Art of "Angels"

Since childhood I have been fascinated with angels. Depicted in traditional forms, angels are perceived to be small creatures with wings, showing up in times of need or problems.

Protection would be the prevalent word an angel brings to my mind, coming in at just the right time to guide or protect us. My four "Angels" fit that mold, and somehow they knew to show up exactly when they were needed. I learned from them to explore the unexpected, and I allowed these angels to attach themselves as forces in people to guide me in a new and exciting path in life.

Everyone has his own image or projection of what his angels would look like and what reason or meaning his angels might bring. But all of my angels serve as personal inspiration and artistic expression. Whether traditional in nature or abstract in execution, all seem to fit their own timing, meaning, and emotional support. My hope, as an artist, is to bring the spirit of my expression and experiences of life to others for them to imagine and realize what possibilities, adventure, and excitement an angel can bring to those that can find their spirit and strength.

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