John Atencio

Unique fine art from Colorado's most renowned jewelry designer


"Finding the Heart" collection is about my journey as an artist. It began in the early part of 2002 with my wish to express creative emotion from the heart to the hand. Initially, I was experiencing creativity "cramp", but eventually ended up with created images that brought back my true artist's freedom and expression.

My very first image was in the Spring of 2002, the image of an angel called "Awakening Angel of Hope". Since then, in a span of more than eight years, I have created forty-eight different images which fit comfortably into twelve different collections. The collection names are: "Masks", "Angels", "Hearts", "Places", "Dreams", "Bugs", "Flight", "Faith", "Beauty", "Cure", "Beaches", and "Cars". Over the course of this time line and development of my images, my artistic adventure and skill progressed from drawing and creating cards to painting on a canvas.

My dream of being a painter was always something that had been present in my work for 35 years, and it was during this time that my dream was also developing. My adventures and growth as an artist coincided with much of my own personal growth and world travel, and many of my images reflected this. I identified and drew many "Masks" in the beginning, and discerned and cultivated people and "Places" along the way, all in new and exciting forms. All of these experiences were recorded by me in an artistic expression by the collections' endings.

"Why all the Angels?" you ask? Well, it has been a fascination of mine since early childhood.

The Artist


John Atencio has had a passion for creating art for over 41 years. His passion for art began at Colorado State University in the late 60's when he enrolled as an art student. Since then, John has been creating a tremendous, yet steady flow of material in many different forms. He is an artist, designer, craftsman, and entrepreneur. He is a unique blend of yin and yang, right and left brain - a true creative force. He instinctively knows the power and beauty of a beautiful piece of art or jewelry, and how it can enrich our daily lives.

John is actively involved in the strategic direction of the company he founded. He personally oversees all aspects of design and creativity, yet it is his remarkable approach to business that creates a collaborative environment in which his employees are equally committed to his unique artistic vision, integrity, and superlative quality.

While for over 33 years he has been one of the country's most successful, prolific, and respected jewelry designers, John has stretched his talent and passion for art to many other channels. He personally participates in developing philanthropic relationships showcasing his art, as well as other commercial ways to channel his creative spirit such as drawing, painting, print-making, and designing greeting cards. He draws constantly for business and pleasure. He collaborates with many charities, using his artistic talents to raise awareness, support, and capital toward different causes.

John has also traveled the world extensively. "In the world of imagination the planet is a very small place," he observes. "It's about the places we go and the people we meet to find unique ideas and experiences. I know that I draw, paint, and design with the knowledge and influence of experiences everywhere I go and the people along the way." A passion for learning and growing is at the root of all his journeys. Enclosed is an artistic expression of the new and exciting part of those.

John is a recipient of many prestigious awards including: Honorarium from Colorado State University Alumni Association 2005 for Outstanding Achievement, three time recipient from DeBeers for Diamonds of Distinction jewelry design, and Jewel Award for Jewelry at Jewelers of America, New York.

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